Monday, September 14, 2009

Two a days

I never played football, so the term "two a day" doesn't make me cringe like it might make some ex-football players do. To me, it just means doing something twice in one day, like eating 2 cheese burgers instead of one, or drinking two beers per NFL game yesterday (admittedly that turns into more of a 12 a day, but after 3 games you stop counting). In baseball terms, it means putting the new country music sensation "Clay and Jon" on the hill for a Sunday double header and reminding the Rays that 2007 was indeed a fluke. The Sox outscored the Rays 16-2 this weekend. In short, they handed Sir Spits-a-lot and Big Game James their respective taints, and their 11th loss in a row, and are now enjoying a well deserved Monday off.

Of course an off day means we'll come up with something stupid that we find funny, and a lot of you find stupid. If you aren't used that yet, please check out some older posts and get re-acquainted with our funny.

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BBG said...

your cartooned picture of spitman is EXCELLENT! Looks just like the sod...good job.