Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dreams are coming true. Oh, hi.

The Cheese has some issues, some contractual issues with our website, which is why there are probably only 3 of you reading this. We're trying to get them solved, but to be quite blunt it's purely financial.

Anyways, to be short with it, today it appears the Sox finally made a deal for Adrian Gonzalez and sweet f*cking Jesus is this a shot in the arm. Losing Texiererea to the Yanks was a huge blow for The Sox and we all knew it, and now getting A-Gon for 3 minor leaguers is a huge step in the right direction. Sure he doesn't appear to have the charisma of some other big names but I'll let Henry and Werner worry about selling merch. He's a big lefty first baseman that is going to crush the sh*t out of the ball in Fenway and for that we should all be grateful.

Oh, and since Werth and Crawford both play the OF there's plenty of room for one of them too...