Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Eck-tionary

It's hard to understand what Eck is saying, we admit it. Go ahead, print the list out. It might help you understand what the hell he's talking about. We'll update it as we hear more so keep checking back.

Can o' corn - Nice easy pop fly, except if it's to Swisher or Damon, then it becomes an adventure.

Cheese - Fastball. His most commonly used phrase. It doesn't have to be a good pitch necessarily because Pedroia hits high cheese out all the time, it's just that pitchers' fastball.

Educated Cheese - A blog. Eck may not be aware of the blog though, so according to him it describes well placed cheese usually from older pitchers that can't hit 95mph anymore. Smotlz and Glavine throw educated cheese. Well, Smotlz did before.

Goin' Bridge - hitting a home run.

Hair - usually used to describe a fastball, or cheese, with some tail or late motion to it. "That cheese had some hair on it."

"I gotta have that" - At least once a game Eck (or DO now) will say "I gotta have that". Pretty self explanitory. It's a pitch that should have been a strike but the ump didn't see it that way.

Iron - A monetary unit, as described by Eck. When a guy signs a big contract, "Man, that guy is pulling in some serious iron now."

Moss - Hair, as in the stuff on your head. DO has little moss. Eck has much nicer moss. And this is Randy Moss moss.

Paint- A pitch that 'paints' the corner of the plate.

Tilt - used like hair to describe usually a fastball that either looks like it's rising or dropping. Penny throws a lot of cheese with a tilt.


Steve said...

haha, this is awesome. Have we really thought about how the word cheese became synonomous with something going fast? Was it derived from a different dialect in which "cheese" and "fast" were confused frequently? Did someone once eat cheese and then win the 100m sprint? Did cheese in wedge form used to be considered aerodynamic, and therefore, faster than slices of cheese? Or is this some conspiracy by the Kraft company to slowly supplant every word with the word "cheese" beginnign with Eck? Stupid questions we need the answers.

bosox bikini girl said...

Maybe it's not cheese as you see it! Maybe it's "cheeeeze....that's one helluva fast ball..."

bosox bikini girl said...

Eck loves the can of corn - an easily caught fly ball.

Guest said...

We gotta get back to updating this list. It's been far too long.

Anonymous said...

Love Eck!

Jon said...

This will get updated today or tomorrow. I have a bunch of them just floating around in the ol' noggin.

dee said...

I'm still struggling with Eck-speak...but you definitely have to include the punch-out. I know other commentators use it, but not like Eck. Pay attention the next time, because once he used punch-out once, he will use it 11 more times in the next 5 sentences. He perseverates on it.

Tonight he mentioned that he (Byrd) needed to throw "some gas with his kitchen sink" I'm still scratching my head on that one, so if the Eck-tionary can translate, I'd appreciate it.

Jon said...

Dee, good catch on "punch out". Eck has always been a big Nintendo/Mike Tyson fan, so when he says 'punch out', you know he means it.

On the 'gas with the kitchen sink', well Byrd throws a little bit of everything, hence the kitchen sink, and I think Eck was pleading with him just to put a little more cheese/gas on those pitches instead of laying a lot of them in there. That's my best Eck-translation there.

Schmiddy1533 said...

"Oh I gotta have that!"

Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Have ya noticed that Don O has been keeping up the Eck-language without Eck? He throws out Eck's terms alot with Remdawg in the house. I'm waiting to hear Remy start using the language!

Jon said...

Gotta have that. Definitely.

Eck will be back in the booth on the 17th of September. See if he has anything good for us.

Chris Horner said...

I know this is old, but "salad" really needs to be in the ecktionary. Maybe: A variety of breaking pitches, typically used to describe the arsenal of a pitcher whose cheese doesn't have enough hair or tilt.