Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who is that guy?

Who makes the headlines this morning? Wake, age 74, coming off the DL to make sweet, sweet baseball love in the form of a discombobulating knuckler, or that Ortiz guy for an 04'ish walk-off that gets the most pessimistic Sox fan to step off the edge for a minute? For the Cheese, it's Pesky Pole (pictured above obviously). Thank you to the leprechauns that live underneath Fenway that pull that thing back and forth as needed. Over the years the Sox have lived and died by you and last night you shined again. Also, thank you for not calling last night's ball "foul" like you are above. It's tough to get pictures of "The Pole", it's kind of like a vampire (or Jason Bay) or whatever that thing is that doesn't appear when you take pictures of it so that artist rendering is THE closest you'll ever come to seeing "The Pole".

The funny thing about turning points is you can't point them out (or jinx them) til you're far enough away to properly look back at them. I'm not saying this was one, because I can't really, but to see Wake back and an Ortiz walk-off (which has been 2 years in the making now) and be in the middle of a home stand and to know those friggin kids in the neighborhood go back to school today so they'll stop leaving flaming bags of dog sh*t on my door step every hour, well it feels alright. Now if the NY d-bags would drop a few games I'd start sleeping a lot better.

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Bosox Bikini Girl said...

he, he...Pesky in that picture looks soooo much like his cousin, the Pencil Pole. I have a picture of Pencil Pole, but don't know how to get it up here.