Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It ain't Papi and Manny

But V-mart and Jay-Bay are fine by me. Watching the game last night I heard V-Mart was given an off day but would be available for pinch hitting. That's more or less a nice way of saying to Tek "We'll give you a few ABs. If you scorch em, maybe we'll let you go the whole game, but I wouldn't count on it." And that's what happened. Then Mr. Bay let one ride over that big green wall thing in left and two countries rejoiced at once. At least I assume Canada rejoices when he goes bridge. However people, there is bigger news on the Sox front right now and I ain't talkin' Wagner.

Tonight, my friend and yours, Timmy Wake comes back from his annual fishing trip/DL stint. Remember him? The old guy that purposely throws mid 70's and gets away with it. He's been out over a month and left with that 11-3 record that was best in the majors at the time. This could be a whole new Wake though because now rather than having Pasta Pants (Douggie) or Georgey catching for him and dragging down the lineup, Tito gets to put V-mart in there who in just about everyone's opinion is the starting catcher you want in there every night right now. So Wake brings us a W tonight and maybe somehow both Texas and NY lose so the Sox gain ground in both the WC and the division. It's happened before.

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BBG said...

and with Vic & Jay Ray Bay, no one gets whacked in the face by dreads...

Can't wait to see Wake...hope Vicky is up to the task!!