Saturday, August 29, 2009

He's just waiting

Look, you know this guy can pitch and you now when he does he hands taints to his opponents like an electrified taint handing machine, aka Mecha-Beckett 2000. The last few times out, well I figure he's just saving some of that venomous mojo for October. Despite looking more like the Sox version of John Smoltz*, the boys still got the W at the end of the rainy night on a few key Sox defensive plays and White Sox defensive eff-ups. The White Sox play the game like little leaguers. It seems like they know if any of them make a mistake Ozzie is going to yell at them in the dugout, let a few f-bombs out in a post game interview regarding their sh*tty play and then bench the guy the next game. Although, a lot of the stuff Ozzie says is kind of funny.

* Smoltz so far with the Cards: 11 IP, 1 (one) earned run. With the Sox I don't think Smoltz went on a run of 11 pitches without giving up more than 1 run. I'm going to chalk it up to NL play because there is no way someone goes from sh*t show to hero like that.

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Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Ozzie's a riot; love him. I wouldn't put it past him to come yellin' at the other Sox team - just because he likes to.

Smoltz was tipping pitches here...that's the word, sure you heard. And the Cards staff are aces on picking up on that stuff & changing it. Now Harold Reynolds' opinion ( is that Big Bad Beck is doin' the same!! I ask you, are the Red Sox catchers & pitching coaches & everyone else who wears the twin red sox logo STUPID?? Wouldn't we figure that out, huh? Maybe not...after all, Beck hasn't figured yet how to go up and in with a fastball without sending the batter into a temporary coma.....