Friday, August 28, 2009

Funky Junky

Pardon the Globe-ish play on words title, but Junky was not at his best last night. Something like 7 ER over his first 4 appearances and then 9 last night. Ouch. I'm not sure which cliche properly fits today. "You can't win 'em all" or "Win some, lose some" or "Jon, I swear to God watching Back to the Future 2 more times tonight will not grant you the power to make a real flux capacitor." Yeah right, I'm halfway there*
*That may or may not be my actual flux capacitor. Emphasis on may not.


BBG said... do you think of these

Jon said...

Channeling the spirt of Doctor Emmit Brown has yet to fail me.

Marty McFly said...

I just became a big fan of this website.

BBG said...

well Marty, what took ya so long??