Sunday, August 30, 2009

That wasn't a curve ball

That was a "so what if I stole some laptops take this you filthy sonuvabitch" curve ball. Just ask Jose Bautista what he thinks of it. See that picture up there, that's a called strike and Jose has already stopped, dropped and rolled and that was just the first batter. Check out the video around 28 seconds. That's some good stuff.

In more disturbing news, Timmy is sore so he's going to skip a start and Paul Byrd is starting today in his place. Paul Byrd. Ok. This doesn't reek of that Smotlz asshat thing that just went down a few weeks ago. Boston Red Sox August Baseball: A heart attack in every game.


BBG said...

You got that right! Not only do we have heart attack baseball in August, but we have a heart attack closer! Byrd was pretty darned good today. Love the wind-up. Takes forever to release the ball, but they come over the plate as strikes! Mr. Wagner gave us 3 outs also! Not bad. Now, if the Yankees would only lose a I dreaming?

Jon said...

I am a big fan of the double windup. That's gotta kill a batter. I remember in 07 when he did it against Ortiz. I honestly think the Yankees are going to finish the 2nd half of the year like 65-12. They suck.