Monday, August 31, 2009


Now yesterday when I said something along the lines of "This Paul Byrd thing reeks of that asshat Smotlz", what I really meant was, "Man I am glad Paul Byrd is going to kick the Jay's asses." And so be it. It also helps that once Halladay realized he wasn't getting traded this year he more or less banged out early for the season. Helps everyone except my fantasy team, but that's just lady luck giving me the finger, as per usual. Byrd wasn't exactly knock em down impressive, but that's not his thing. Paul Byrd is the bizzaro-Beckett. He'll bore you to death with his windup, sometimes double it up for good measure, then throw something that resembles a meatball right down the pipe and right when the batters eye's get as big as Reche Caldwell's back in '05(?) something will happen to the ball and they will miss it. I know "something happening" to the ball isn't the best description, but nothing THAT amazing happens to it. It's not a sharp break or a cut or anything different than BP, the thing just moves. That's Paul Byrd and that's what he does. I'll take it when the taking is good.

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