Friday, July 31, 2009

Es Tu Papi?

May 15, 2009 -

Ortiz: "I'm sorry guys, I don't feel like talking right now. Just put down 'Papi stinks'
..." Ortiz then under his breath mutters "and in 2003 I injected myself with steroids."
Reporter: What was that Papi?
Ortiz: Nothing. Never mind. Papi's fine.

Guys, you know that feeling when you get kicked about 6 inches below the belly button and you crumble over in pain because it feels like your balls are lodged up around your ribs and there's just that gross feeling you can't shake for hours? Girls it's probably similar to that feeling you had when you took that "special" guy out on a date as a favor and then he comes back and tells you he loves you and all you can do is say, "Jon, I like you too, but it's not going to happen." Well, I wish I felt more like that right now because with all this roid talk I'm just not phased anymore. Did I think someone on the WS teams did roids? Yes. Did I want that person to be the guy that carried us and always spoke out against the junk like a vigilante? No. Now we all get to wait for the mandatory apology speech and those always prove to be entertaining as hell.

Also, be sure to vote on who you think the Sox will get in a trade today, if anyone. If you think it's going to someone else say who in the comment section.

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