Saturday, August 1, 2009


First off, farewell Lex Luther. We hardly knew you or your looming plans to bring some freaky stones back to this planet and kill off Superman.

With the trades made The Sox now have a very loggy log jam going on with the lineup it seems someone's feelings are going to be hurt on a pretty consistent basis unless they can think of a new position like First Catcher or Third platesman. I however think they can pull off a new position, they just have to make it look like they're permanently playing a shift but sneak someone else in there and then when they have to bat just don't let whatever rotating door of a shortstop they have in there ever touch a bat. Problem solved. Pretty sure Theo could have used me in the bunker yesterday when he was going to war with The Friars and the Jays.

Honestly though, this could get interesting. I'm guessing we're going to start seeing a lot of pinch hitters later in games. I will say this once and only once and never admit to saying it again, but I wish the Sox were in the NL right now because we would probably see some sick double and triple switches and D.O.'s would start losing whatever hair he has left trying to figure out how to write out his score sheet.

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