Saturday, August 1, 2009

FOX presents: When Josh Beckett Attacks

For lack of a better description, Joshua Patrick Beckett is pitching right now. Actually he is pitching like a f*cking animal right now to be precise. How much of an animal you may ask? Peep this. It's probably a bit of a surprise, but Becks only has 5 shut-outs in his career and 3 of them have come this year. The guy is tearing it up, plain and simple. Not only that, but that kid the Sox DIDN'T trade away, Bard, had himself a nice little 9th inning with 2 Ks on only 9 pitches. Yes I know it's the Orioles, but with the Yanks getting their taints handed to them I'll take a Sox win and a full game in the standings however it comes. So let's sweep it up tomorrow with that other guy that didn't get traded yesterday on the hill.

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