Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ted Turner is the second coming of Hitler.

So, I'm out all day running around so I caught most of the Sox game on the radio, but I get home and I'm flipping through the channels and what do I hear on TBS during the Phils and Giants game? Sir Eck himself is doing the color. Whether this was just today or the entire weekend I do not know, but Eck is dropping some serious hairy cheese knowledge on the rest of the free world now. I know he's done some before, but I have no problem in taking some credit for re-launching him and his game calling career beyond the realm of Red Sox Nation.

As for the Bo-Sox, they put up some serious numbers in Baltimore this afternoon. Not exactly what you want to see out of Buchs, but a good effort by the offense no doubt. Since I was listening on the radio, my volume control got some serious use with Joey C. and his constant "This one's hit well, it's deep, back to the wall... and he brings it in, in front of the track." He always gets me. Every f&*king time. And every single time I throttle the volume up to a deafening level as to think this helps the ball carry or something. Tomorrow is an off day so we'll have some kind of fun game waiting here for you all so make sure to chiggidty check it out.

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