Monday, August 3, 2009

Obscure Sox Factoids.

Today is an off day. One of only 5 the sox have til October, so I'll let them rest for this one while they head down to TB. To tide us all over here as some tasty little facts. Enjoy.

The 2004 Red Sox (remember them? Probably) won 98 regular season games that year. That's the most a Red Sox team has won since 1946 when they won 104. They also went to the WS that year but it didn't have the same magic as '04, or the same outcome.

Since 1930 the Sox have finished last in their division only once, in 1992. Some members of that team: Mo Vaughn, Roger Clemens, Billy Hatcher, Tom Brunansky/Hinske, Jody Reed, Wade Boggs and Frank "don't call me Frank" Viola.

In the last 30 years the lowest Sox yearly cumulative ERA was 3.58. Oddly enough, that year was 1992. Guess it wasn't Frank's fault they finished last.

The Sox are getting old, well, were getting old. In 2005 the average Sox age was just over 32 years of age. That is the oldest Red Sox team ever assembled. Thank you Timlin, Wake and Schill. Maybe they were counting Pesky because he was still wearing a uni back then.

5 current Red Sox players at one point played in the Cape Cod League. Youk, Jason Bay, Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek and Jacoby Ellsbury. Other note able Sox that passed time on the arm of MA; Bill Meuller, Mark Bellhorn, Nomar, Justin Masteron, Carlton Fisk (back then it was just Cod, the Cape was established in '72) and Mo Vaughn. Jason Varitek is the only Sox player to have a 3 year tenure on the 'Cod.

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