Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Sometimes off days seem to last longer than others and yesterday was one of those long ones. I stumbled after a Monday at work and turned on the tube actually looking forward to seeing that mess they call "The Trop" only to remember once I got to channel 851 that the Sox were off yesterday. It's amazing how nothing else on the 2 million channels you pay to have at your finger tips and nothing appeals to you when you're in the mood for the home team. I tried to meet myself half-way (yes, by this time I'm bargaining with myself but still losing) by watching whatever crap-fest was on ESPN but there was no Youk or Dustin or Eck. There was some minor league ball on NESN with mini-Youks and mini-Dustins and I didn't catch who was announcing but they could have mentioned cheese at one point but I'll never know because it was not my Red Sox.

Needless to say now I am even more pumped for tonight's game. Some people might bring up Lester's stats at the The Trop or how he's done agains the Rays (Devil and normal). Then again, some people blink. Enjoy and happy gameday.

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