Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Caption Contest!

"Quick, tag him, Youk pissed his pants."

"Brady, there's something different about you..."
"I have cake on my face."
"Noooooo, thats not it. Did Gisele give you a manicure?"


Youk: "I'm balder!"
Pedroia: "No, I'm balder!"
Terry: "Fellas don't make me take my hat off."

We invite your own caption suggestions in the comments.


bosox bikini girl said...

On the 1st picture - "Did you tag him??" "No!" "Why not?" "I think he's.....levitating....WTF!!!"

Steve said...

haha. awesome. you win. unfortunately we dont have the budget for actual prizes, so just give yourself a pat on the back fromt the Cheese.

Educated Jon said...

Every time I read the last one I think Tito is saying "Don't make me take my pants off.". That's probably not good.

Regarding a prize, I kind of feel like making an Educated Cheese shirt. Maybe I make this happen and we'll give it away to the winner, or only contestant as the case may be.

bosox bikini girl said...

LOL...I think in that photo Tito is actually slapping Youk in the face!! And PD is like, "No! Like this man...!!" SLAP!! T-shirts, bobbleheads, pens, cups, it's all good.

Educated Jon said...

Shit, we gotta make bobbleheads now.