Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guess that contract

The game. There's the stats of the contracts. Guess who it is in the comment section. The first one is/was a Sox player. The second one is not.


-4 years/$36M (2007-10), plus 2011 vesting option

-$1M signing bonus

-07:$8M, 08:$9M, 09:$9M, 10:$9M, 11:$9M vesting option
option vests with 2,400 PAs 2007-10 & 600 PAs 2010

?? Who it be??

#2 - This one is a little trickier but obscene in a few ways which is kind of a hint. The contract signs him through years 30-38 of his life AND the contract is back heavy (as so many are now). There were actually rumors a few years ago that the Sox wanted to acquire this guy.

-9 years/$141.5M (2003-11), plus 2012 club option
signed extension 4/07

-03:$10.6M, 04:$11.6M, 05:$12.6M, 06-10:$16.6M/year, 11:$19.1M, 12:$23M club option ($4.6M buyout)

-full no-trade clause

-award bonuses: $0.15M for Hank Aaron Award, $0.15M for MVP ($75,000 for 2nd or 3rd), $75,000 for LCS MVP, $50,000 for Silver Slugger, $25,000 for Gold Glove, All Star selection, may exercise “out” clause after 2007 & leave as free agent if he notifies club by Nov. 15, 2006 (declined to do so)

Not so you can cheat, but MLB Contract info is from here. Check it out... but don't cheat.


Steve said...

calm down everybody, not all at once.

Educated Jon said...

Due to all the participation, here are the answers. The first one is Lugo. That wasn't too hard. The 2nd one is Todd Helton and it's exactly how the Sox tend NOT to operate, giving out 8 year contracts to a 30 year old "DH". Thanks for playing.