Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Cheese is retiring... or not.

That's right, we're somewhat multi-sport-dimensional here at the Cheese so we're poking fun at Farvvre now. He finally made up his mind to stay retired which means the endless reports and the hard work of Rachel Nichols (sadly not this Rachel Nichols from 'Dumb and Dumberer') is all for nothing. So now add Minnesota to the list of states that Farrrrvree isn't exactly well liked.

Why the Farververe talk you ask? Well, do you really want to talk about the Red Sox losing again to the A's? Do you want us to get all negative up in yo' face about how the Sox lost yet another game on the Yanks? How about we talk about the beautiful weather instead? I didn't think so.

For something baseball related though, later today in honor of the trade deadline we'll be playing a game called 'guess that contract'. No really, it's a game. We'll put up an actual contract that the Red Sox handed out and in the comment section you can take a stab at who got paid all that iron. I'll let the excitement build on that one for a while.

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