Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Unfairness of the AL East

As we wait out the days until the Red Sox are mathematically eliminated (compared to just emotionally eliminated like now) I couldn't help but wish The Sox played in any division besides the AL East. As I'm sure you know, the best record in the MLB is owned by the jerks from NY. In the unfair world we live in, the second best record in the MLB also resides in the AL East with TB. The Sox fall into 3rd place in the AL East, 7 games away from 2nd place and 8 games out from the top. If Boston was in any other division in the existence of the world, or MLB, they would be tied for first place or at worst 3 games out of first and sitting in 2nd. In short, they would still be relevant. The 30 whatever games left would be interesting. Youk and Pedroia would want to come back. It'd be beautiful. There would be exciting September baseball. But no. Instead we're left sitting in 3rd. Looking up at two teams. Waiting for snow.

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BBG said...

and for the Pats to start playing real, mean-something games!