Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Karma and a Chance to Hit Some Dingers

As a website that apparently more and more people keep reading (I know, I’m shocked) we get a fair amount of emails regarding contests, charity events, advertising, all you can eat buffets, pretty much you name it and we get emails asking us to mention something. So far, I admit, I have done a horrible job at following up on these requests, and to those people that have contacted us, we apologize. So, in an attempt to get into heaven and slide the karma scale back to “Good” and away from “fiery hell pit”, I do believe we will try and accommodate some of the readers, especially when it comes down to charities.

As baseball fans and more or less stupid young men barely young enough to still attempt to live out passed years of glory, Steve and I both have/currently participate in an over 21 year old baseball league based out of Woburn, MA called Men’s Nighttime Baseball League. This summer tragedy struck a fellow player/manager’s son. My good friend Tony, with help from his fellow league mates, are putting on a charity event to raise money to cover the costs of the untimely funeral with any additional funds being donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The fundraiser is being held at Ferullo Field in Woburn on September 18th from 11am to 3:30 PM. For those of you that haven’t been to Ferullo (which I’m sure many haven’t) this is a beautiful, full sized (as in dimensions similar to any MLB stadium) field where they will be holding a HR Derby for all levels of players, having some BBQ, a sweet raffle and just making an attempt to show someone how good the world can be when you need it. Steve and I will both be there to show our support and attempt to hit some dingers. I'm predicting I go bridge once... over the fence that they are putting up for 12 year olds. For more information check out the MNBL Homepage or email Tony at .

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