Saturday, September 4, 2010

How Do I Know it's Over?

Being a bunch of games out of the wild card may be the most obvious sign, but I know it's over because this week I was offered up tickets to Saturday night's game... and I passed. I know, Manny coming back, beautiful weekend, why wouldn't you want to spend it at Fenway? I'm not really sure why I passed. I think if I went to the game it would have given me some glimmer of hope and I don't want that anymore. I know, the negativity of it all, it's horrible but right now there's no other way to feel. Seeing as The Sox have accomplished all this on their own, they can probably make it the rest of the way without me at any of their games.


BBG said...

Ya know, you could have turned things around!! You bringing your mojo to the Park tonight might have been the turning point!! I blame you if they fall out of's all your fault.

Jon said...

I had that thought myself, then they lost the first game 3-1 and I knew even my mo-iest mojo wouldn't help out.