Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You 2010

Down by 3 to the lowly Orioles with whatever lethargic robot that is representing Josh Beckett on the mound after losing 2 out of 3 games that were all given the magic title of "must win" really makes someone question their sanity. It's getting to that point. That point where no matter how much positive mojo I want to throw at The Sox it doesn't seem to matter. Too many injuries, too many different guys starting in center field and too few pitchers in the bullpen that can actually pitch.

I said it before, all there is left to do is to go down in the biggest ball of fiery flames that a team can possibly go down in. Don't give away the series to the Yanks. Make them work for the division. Get into one of those quaint "stress relieving" brawls with a team that deserves it, like the O's or Jays. Give us, the fans, some sign that there is still life in this team and there will be a reason to turn on NESN next April besides constantly checking for a new episode of "Hot Shorts with Heidi". I'll take any of those. Preferably numbers 2 and 4.

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