Monday, August 30, 2010

Show's Over

That annoying voice inside my head telling me that The Sox can win 2/3 of their games this weekend has since shut the f*ck up. Coincidentally, another voice (there are quite a few in there) that used to speak about playoff hopes and was constantly chanting "2004 4-eva" has been replaced by what sounds like the mix between a sick cow and a 12 year old girl crying. From what I can tell that voice has also poked its' eyes out and refuses to watch anymore games this year.

So, what went wrong last night? Let's ask John Lackey.

"Probably threw the ball as good as I've thrown the ball in years."

You don't say? This is pretty similar this comment he made after getting smacked around:

"I threw some of my best stuff all year. They just hit pitches they weren't supposed to."

Just because you didn't think they were supposed to hit those pitches doesn't mean they didn't want to, or weren't supposed to. Lacks has a problem with manning up and saying "I sucked tonight". Sure, everyone has a problem saying that, but if the guy just happens to have his best stuff every time he gets lit up then 2015 is a hell of a long way off. My prediction is he makes some amazing starts the rest of the year to make his numbers look respectable, and then everyone is left to argue about how you have to look at the entire year not just a snapshot. They'll be arguing while I'm gouging my eyes out.

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