Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evil Genius or Incompetent Boob

I'm kidding. Catchy titles sell, and we're all about selling newspapers, er blogs, here people. Anyways, you can't blame that one on Teets. It's much easier to go with the obvious and blame this one on JD, even if nothing was his fault. Well, nothing was his fault except that whole catching a pop fly in foul territory and having no chance of throwing the lone run of the game out at the plate because he was practically in the stands. Oh yes. That. Drop or not to drop? He drops it and then Joyce hit's a HR on the next pitch and Drew is even more of a chooch than we see him as now. I don't stick up for the guy much, but I think you make that catch just about every time. Extra innings and it's tied then yeah, you drop it, but 7th inning up by 1, you catch the stupid thing.

And the see-saw continues to see and saw and see again. 5.5 to 4.5 back to 5.5. Friday night was the height of awesomeness, while Saturday night was the low of lowliness. Friday was spending "quality time" with Heidi, Saturday was getting sh*t faced and mistakenly hooking up with Helga. Sunday? Well, Lackey is on the mound for yet another "most important start of his Sox career", so no pressure Lacks.

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