Monday, September 13, 2010

That's the view that I had yesterday from my sweet ass seats at the only relevant sporting event that a Massachusetts based team is competing in. Sorry Red Sox, you have worn your 2010 relevance right the hell out. What a great game to be a part of at Gillette though. The D looked good, Brady was pumped right from the start and he hit the Patriots equivalent of Dustin Pedroia early and often enough to complete the 38-24 drubbing of the Bengals. Then afterwards we got an awesome post-game interview from Randy Moss that had a little bit of Allen Iverson (Contract? We talking about a contract?) mixed with a dash of reality bending BS when Moss said "I need to provide for my family. This is a business." I don't care to go through the iron he's made in his career but I'm guessing it's enough to provide for his family and my family. And my family has a nasty, NASTY Zebra Cake eating habit. Nasty I tell you. 30 boxes a day. They're like white striped cigs for us.
Anyways, it's football season now. Educated Cheese transforms into "Educated Whatever The Hell Sport We Can Find To Distract Us From Daily Work". Welcome to the new site. I hope you enjoy.

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BBG said...

Okay, what happens if by some slight eensy weensy chance the Red Sox take a deep breathe and with the help of the stars & the constellations & Randy Moss, they sneak into the play-offs by the hair on Youkillis' head?? What do you do then? Huh?