Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Am Ready For Some Football

Are The Sox still playing? More importantly, does it really matter if they are? On top of that, for late games like those against Oakland, I dare someone to tell me they actually stayed up past midnight to watch that crapfest.

On to more important things. Yes, more important than Tom Brady's fender bender, if something of that magnitude even exists. After such an, umm, awesome season of baseball, tomorrow marks the start of the NFL season here in New England. I will be at the game, sitting pretty on the 50 yard line with much thanks to my "contractor" friends for the sweet seats. If I wasn't excited enough for a sport to start up to distract me from The BoSox and their constant effort to suck more than they did the day before, with the start of the NFL comes another season of fantasy football. My life blood from tomorrow until February. Fantasy football is quite possibly the best combination of sports and gambling to ever grace this fine world. During baseball season I only have the attention span to watch one game at a time, but thanks to the other billion fantasy football nerds taking up space in this world, there are approximately 873 different ways for me to get info on my fantasy football teams 24 hours a day, therefore constantly feeding my habit.

Red Sox, see you in March. Please do something about that bullpen and try to keep the rest of the team alive and breathing, because at this point that seems like the next step in this process of DL trips. Patriots, see you tomorrow, you fantasy full filling sons of bitches.

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