Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is The Joker The Answer?

If you can't see The Joker in the smile of Jed Lowrie then you sir, or madame, need glasses. Thick Coke bottle ones too because that guy right there might as well be wearing a purple suit jumping around getting "POW"-ed and "BLAM"ed by Batman himself. I digress. Last year, to put it simply, Lowrie sucked. Sure he wasn't around for long before he got some sort of virus that kept him out of the lineup most of this year too, but for a fragile looking Clay Buchholz type we all expected Clay Buchholz production, except at SS instead of on the mound. Lowrie didn't not (double negative there, catch that?) let us down with a sub .150 average and some crappy D to boot. This year in his limited action so far the kid has either run into a few more fastballs than expected, or found his power stroke. Whatever it is, if it's something positive we can take away from this year, well then god damnit I'm taking it.

Maroney to the Broncos? Ok I guess. Dreadlock McFumbles can take his indecisive dancing self else where. It's not like the Pats don't have another 20 RBs sitting back there waiting for their total of 3 carries a game. The Pats aren't a running team, they don't need a stud RB, so a combo of Old Man Morris, Older Man Taylor and The Law Firm should work out just fine on those short down situations. Besides, we're all about TE's in NE now right? Watch out Rex, there's not enough room for Gronk and Moss on Revis Island!!! That sounded kind of like Hulk Hogan. Brotha.

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BBG said...

Do you remember when Maroney first came to the Pats? That first season, he was pretty darned good. But since then, not so much. We'll take that draft pick....