Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a Tuesday Night

What did you do last night? If you're Clay Buchholz then you scattered 5 hits (wicked baseball term) over 7 innings, gave up no runs, presumably stole zero laptops and then got to go home to THAT. I can't even fathom the mojo that she brings into Clay's life but whatever she's bringing this year it is working pretty damn well. I bet she's a great cook. Yup. That's probably what it is. Great cook... and that tan line. A little bit of both.

For those of you super connected into the wide world of internets, The Cheese has a Twitter. I still don't know exactly what it is, but over on the left hand side there it reminds me of what I was thinking 20 minutes ago. I'm thinking it will be good for grocery lists and reminding myself where I put my keys. Look forward to TONS of relevant Tweets. Or Twits. Twites?


Sports Chump said...

Twitter's good. So is she. Find me, I'm sportschump.

Hey, I know how you guys dig baseball trivia, particularly when it involves facial hair, but I'm having a little trivia over at the site.

See how you guys fare with all-time hit leaders by team.

Educated Steve said...

On the left side?

Jon said...

Got ya on the Twitt. And Steve, your right, my left.