Friday, July 23, 2010

Only Eric Patterson Can Save This Team!

And he did. Well, it was more like the errors from Scoots and Hall and the general suckyness this year of Manny Delcarmen blew the game, but E. Patts (It will catch on) saved The Sox in the bottom of some un-Godly inning where it was probably 2am on this side of the country. I didn't stay up for the game, but I did wake up an extra 10 minutes early this morning (Friday morning meetings, really?) and read the box score to myself in the voice of Sean McDonough while picturing Eck's stash and mop flowing in unison in the breeze, so it made the game pretty exciting for me on the whole.

Today is Friday. Today, yet another member of the All-Star DL Team comes back to play baseball. Today it's Josh Beckett. Wake goes to the 'pen, Beckett takes the mound against a Mariners team that made The Sox look stupid last night, so tonight I say Josh let's it all hang out. The guy should be rested and ready to fire so while there's a good chance I'll be asleep by the 3 inning I can't wait to hear Bob Montgomery calling the game for me tomorrow morning.

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