Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not Even Jed Lowrie Can Save This Team

What are you going to do when even the great Jed Lowrie comes off the DL, which he's seemingly been on since Julio Lugo was on the team, but can't help this team win a series? I'll tell you what you're gonna do: run into the corner, assume the fetal position and start crying like a little girl. Ok, maybe not yet, but the time is fast approaching for that option if the Sox keep dropping series to teams like the A's. Yeah I'm psyched to get Becks, Pedroia and V-mart back in the next few weeks, but can you imagine how pissed Pedroia is going to be if he comes back and they are out of it already? The dude's been fielding grounders on his knees, taking batting practice out of a chair, submerging his foot in a sub-atomic mixture of frozen yogurt and Icy-Hot all to "keep the machine greased up" and you want him to take a look at the standings when he comes back and see that they need to gain 5 games on TB just to make the Wild Card? Go ahead, you go tell him that and I'll go try and explain to Carl Everett that whole "dinosaur" thing again. I just hope he doesn't get punchy again.

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