Monday, July 26, 2010


What's your excuse for not watching these games? I was down the Cape this weekend and by 10pm (or 4pm... fine after ) I'm far too intoxicated with beach air and Sam Summer to stay inside and watch The Sox try and f*ck up a good thing as much as humanly possible. I caught a few innings Saturday night and once someone said "Hey, Lester has a no-hitter going" I promptly excused myself from the house and waited outside until my space age phone updated me with the inevitable news that The Sox had managed to blow the game. I was actually impressed that Adrian Beltre didn't somehow bull-charge Lester to blow the no-no, so things weren't all bad.

Now to ignore the sox and give a big shout out to Netflix. With this summer being oppressive in the heat and Sox-sucking department, I've managed to stumble across a good number of movies to pass the time ignoring Bill Hall and Eric Patterson. Last night, "She's Out of My League". Very stupid movie, but I'm always a sucker for the underdog-dude-gets-the-hot-chick flick and it delivered. Up next, "Hot Tub Time Machine". Roughly looks like the same movie, except for that hot tub that is really a time machine. Awesome.

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BBG said...

Doc says I have high blood pressure and to take it easy....that's my excuse for not watching those blasted Red Sox.....