Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So When is John Lackey Going to, You Know, Pitch.

Oh, you need an explanation to the title? OK. How about a frustrated one? Will this do?

When the f*ck is this sloth looking mother f*cker going to show a glimmer of the $18M a year he's getting?

Is that better? Honestly though, I feel like I'm in some kind of Twilight Zone bizzaro world because I'm still stuck on the wins against Philly and the sweep of The Rays and the sweet mojo that was being brought our way until The Mighty Kansas City Royals came to town. Now tonight we get to watch Lackey give up 11 frigging hits through 5 innings so far, all while The Boys are throwing up a fat-ass goose egg on their end of the scoreboard. I'm sorry for the rantish post but the realization that this team might have already met and surpassed all expectations just makes me want to buy some more stock in Sam Summer and start paying off my own credit cards.


Jon said...

No one will ever argue my jinxing power. Posted at 9:03, a mere 17 minutes later Beltre goes bridge and it's a 1 run game.

BBG said...

No, you didn't anti-jinx them. It was me...I was there & they knew it...they all look like very small people from GS 27, Row 11.