Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Behold the Power of the Anti-Jinx

Sometimes it's intentional but most of the time it's just dumb luck (the best kind). So once I got riled up enough last night to make my anti-Lackey and anti-Sox post, from that moment on the Sox started kicking ass. It tends to work like that. My honor kind of waivers and then all of a sudden the team shows some life. It's like I have a direct brainwave link with Teets and company in the dugout. He gets a feeling that the positive vibes aren't all flowing and fires up the troops. It's quite amazing really.

You do however have to know your limits on how many times you can use the anti-jinx. The good thing is, after you use it once, chances are you'll be riding high for a few days and won't feel the need to bust it out again. Case and point, after last night I'm satisfied. Well, satisfied with the win. I think Lackey is still a chooch until he turns a corner here or something, but I can call myself satisfied for the time being. Of course with Daisuke pitching tonight, I'm thinking the satisfaction is only going to last til he walks his first 4 batters and I'll be anti-jinxing the f*ck out of him.

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