Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the Battle of the Hot Girlfriends

Last Night's Battle Royale Featuring:

The Girlfriend of Clay Buchholz


Greinke's Girl

There is now way two nerdier looking guys could land hotter chicks unless... actually, there is no "unless". Those two guys look like they should be working at Office Max rather than professional athletes and I'm sure their respective girls are into them for their knowledge of laptops and burritos, respectively, and not because of their giant paychecks.

I'm not sure what to think about the last few games against KC. The Sox were riding so high after Philly and TB and this was about the worst way they could have possibly come down from that short of anyone winding up in a dumpster behind a BBQ joint. Maybe they wrap up the series with a win today? Maybe no one shows up because it's memorial day weekend and everyone is too busy attending cookouts? Maybe I'll actually get a chance to sit down and watch a game this weekend instead of being busy attending all those cookouts? Or maybe just knocking back a few more Sam Summers will keep me from asking "maybe" about everything.

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