Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waking Ken Griffey Jr. is Worse Than Waking a Dinosaur

Christ. I hate Seattle. Griffey, get in here and
pinch hit. Jesus! Where is he?

I don't know sir.

Who are you?

Jesus. Jesus Colome.

Oh. Well, go find Griffey.

::in the clubhouse::

Snore, grumble, snore. Take that Ryan Dunne. Snore, grumble.

Griff. GRIFF! Wake up! Coach wants you to pinch hit.

Jesus, what the? Oh, hey Jesus. Tell him I can't, I'm sleeping.

Coach, he, ummm, is not there.

Jesus!!! Not there? Well, I didn't want to do this.
Someone go let Milton Bradley out of his cage.

YO! Time for Milt to shine in a non-depressing manner
in the most weather depressing city in the world!!!

Yo, Milt, it's me, Crazy Carl. Watch out for those dino's out there man.

Ahahaha, you crazy Carl. There's no such thing as dino's!!

I know man, I knew you'd like that. Go hit the ball you crazy SOB.

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