Monday, May 10, 2010

Take What You Can Get

Tin Cup is an awesome movie. That's right, watching a golf movie was better than watching the Sox this weekend. Someone has to step up and be the punching bag in the AL East this year, and so far The Sox (7-12 against AL East opponents) are the punchees of the group. Seeing as they play more than 40% of their total games against the East, it would be wise of them to start showing up to some of these games on a more regular basis.

Apparently all the Sox could muster (God I sound old) this weekend was one win, and according to my snappy title, that's what we get. A win is a win, and two losses are just that, two losses, but when during those loses your team is outscored like 24-6, it starts to make the 3rd game of the series seem more and more meaningless. They could have won last night by 20 runs while A-rod and Jeter ran into each other trying to catch a pop fly, both rupturing their Achille's and it would still have been a crappy weekend because of the Friday/Saturday drubbing. The bitter taste, she is still there. Blue Jays be damned, this team needs another sweep right now.

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