Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thanks, John. No thanks, Jon.

Lackey kicked some ass and took some names last night. Papelbon did not. Personally, I hate seeing Paps out there for more than 3 outs. I can deal with the 8th inning stuff sometimes, but I feel like he brings the nasty stuff for those 3 outs and that's that. And last night, that was that.

On the bright side, I don't think Lackey's Red Sox/Yanks cherry poppin' could have gone any better. It's not that I don't care about being efficient and using your pitches wisely, but at the end of the night he goes 6 innings and that first number on the board is a big zero and that's what counts. After watching the first 2 starters go down in a run per inning flames, it was great to see the new guy step up and bring the filthy, stinky, crack-a-lackin' cheese.

Now it's on to KC. Baseball is back. It's "on to another town" now, whereas the last 5 months was a cluster of "ifs" and endless days of waiting. I think the warm weather has something to do with the start of the season hitting me even more brick-like than usual. Let's hope the weather keeps up and we don't lose any members of the OF to that huge waterfall out in the middle of Kaufman stadium. Rooting for The Royals to skip Greinke in the rotation wouldn't hurt either.


Anonymous said...

really worried about paps... and jd drew...

Jon said...

Funny how Drew slips under my radar in every way possible. My emotional investment in him is about equal to his emotional investment in baseball, which judging by the way he carries himself, is nothing at all. Once he starts caring about what he's doing, I will.

As for Paps, every year he's playing for a contract, now he's got Bard right on him too.