Wednesday, April 7, 2010

F*ck me? No, f*ck you!

That's something that the man commonly known as Big Papi would like to say to you if you are a member of the media. Don't worry about the safety of Steve and I though, to call us "media" would be like calling a Yankee fan a class act. I did however get a pretty exclusive interview with the big guy. Maybe he had me mistaken for a member of the media (I was wearing my "news" hat) because he was pretty upset with me as you can see here.

Me: Hey David. So, what's happening?
Ortiz: You guys wait 'til [expletive] happens, then you can talk [expletive]...
Me: Woah, I was just asking how you were doing. You guys are what, 3 games into the season now?
Ortiz: Two [expletive] games, and already you [expletives] are going crazy. What's up with that, man? [Expletive]...
Me: Sorry, 2 games into the season. My bad.
Ortiz: [Expletive] 160 games left. That's a [expletive]...
Me: Thanks, I'm actually pretty good at math I could have figured that out. I'm pretty good at hitting too. Take a look at this swing, think I can make it to the bigs?
Ortiz: [expletive]. One of you [expletives] got to go ahead and hit for me.

It just got more hostile from there and I think it would be unfair to Ortiz to show anymore of the conversion. Needless to say though, he is an angry man right now. I think we're going to see Ortiz use some of that anger in a good baseball way though. A "gotta go bridge" kinda way.

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