Friday, April 23, 2010

The Official Mike Lowell Doormat

If you're a Sox fan, chances are you constantly have people over your house to sit down and enjoy some ball games, not just sit in your parent's basement rubbing your 26 rings like your typical NY fan. Now with the weather in New England being as predictable as it is, sometimes your house guests bring can bring some not so desirable dirt and crap into your house. If you're like a million other Sox fans out there you know you need a door mat, but it happens to the one thing The Red Sox haven't put their logo on yet. Have no fear because we're introducing the Official Mike Lowell Doormat.

For roughly 8 times the price of a regular, daily use doormat, you get this beautiful hand woven, well worn looking doormat complete with the smirking image of Mike Lowell looking right up at you as you wipe all that stuff off the bottom of your shoes right across his mug. The Official Mike Lowell Doormat is available right now, but may not be tomorrow, but there's a good chance we'll be giving these things away in a few days time! Tired of your friends saying your doormat is so "2004-2007" and that it can't catch up a fastball anymore and doesn't even play the field? Aren't we all. Get your Mike Lowell Doormat today and replace that Big doormat in your housing lineup.

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