Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Can't Seem to Get This Trifecta Thing Right

Paul Pierce is an animal. I apologize for ignoring the Sox at the top here, but sweet Jebus the guy is just insane. No one is ever going to accuse him of looking pretty when he does his thing, but when he constantly does it right before those big zeros come up on the clock, he can look any damn way he wants.

Then you've got the Sox.

Ortiz swung the DH pendulum back in his direction for the time being with his first bridge shot of the year. Maybe this Lowell/Ortiz DH battle to the death will show the best of both of them when we need it. Of course it could also lead to some itching powder in jock straps and super glue in shampoo bottles, but those type of things are usually the norm in friendly competition like this. Add in Lester having his first ball game of the year and Bill Hall showing shades of Manny (in a good way) in left field, well you've got yourself one hell of a game. They've got that 4 straight loses to the Rays thing to contend with, but winning 3 of the next 4 is a good way back to the top.

Oh, and thank you Bruins for messing up our Boston Sports Trifecta. There are only so many times these things can happen in one year. According to my sports calendar, the B's and the C's would have to advance to the next round to give us another run at City perfection. I feel it happening this year and it feels good.


Sports Chump said...

I'm just enjoying the image of Pat Riley calling Erik Spoelstra into his office and asking him why the hell he didn't foul at the end of that ballgame.

Jon said...

I know! One foul to give and they let Pierce rip them apart out there. I'll take it though.