Thursday, April 22, 2010

How about a normal win

That's right, I'm complaining about winning. How about instead of this back and forth, 9 steals, extra innings, Joey McNoName getting the game winning hit stuff, they just get your typical 8-3 victory in 9 innings. Right now it seems like that's too much to ask. Like just winning at all is a lucky thing because these guys have come back from getting pounced on to win 2 in a row so maybe I should just shut up and like it. Nope, it's never good enough for me.

One good thing I did find from all these crazy games is that it at least shows the team has some kind of character because honestly when you look at a lot of these guys as individuals, they're boring as sh*t to watch.

  • Drew, despite his well timed grand slam last night, is the epitome of a boring player.

  • Beltre may hit the quietest .300 ever known to man.

  • Before Cameron was peeing rocks on the DL, he wasn't exactly making heads turn in CF except when people said "Hey, that's not Jacoby".

  • I'm already falling asleep in the 7th and a dose of Scott Attchison throwing his high 80's gas doesn't exactly keep me perky.

  • Despite Scutaro sounding like a cool, flashy name, his play is pretty mild mannered.

All in all, these guys that we all had concerns about at the beginning of the season due to their lack of ability, well we should have been concerned about their ability to put me to sleep. Maybe 3 wins in a row would keep me awake a little longer.

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