Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Mighty Sports Trifecta

Everyone in New England knew it was going to rain last night. Chances are you've checked the weather for this weekend and seen that the forecast says cold and rainy and pretty much a bunch of cold rainy sh*t falling from the sky. Now I know they had to try and get that game in last night, and they did that pretty well for 3 hours, but why the EL Fudge did they call the game in the bottom of the 9th in a tie game when the Rays batted in what only seemed like the same weather as The Sox were about to bat in? So now they get to resume the game tonight... before the real game.

The real story today though is that today is the day of the mighty sports trifecta. That's right, Bruins playoff at 1, Red Sox now with a little more than 1 full game of action at 7:10, and C's playoff at 8. Today could be a day of joy, 4 wins from the local teams all in one day. Something that has never been accomplished before. Of course, sticking to the tradition of being a Boston pessimist, this could be a day of 4 losses. Something that everyone tomorrow will be drinking about. Something everyone on Monday will be talking about at work. Boston, don't let that happen. I want to see 4-0. I want glory today... cus we ain't go no f*ckin' sun, I need something.


Jon said...

Bruins 5, Sabres 3. One down, 3 to go.

Jon said...

1-1, sox lose the mini game. Celts losing, sox losing, could be a rough night

BBG said...

Red Sox suck right now. It's Sunday at 4:38, and it's 7 to zip in the 8th. Red Sox suck right now.