Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sports Trifecta Outcome

Outcome: No so great. The B's and the C's held up their end of the deal but the Sox lost not one, but two games in one day. Sure, it's a technicality, but it's still two games in one day, both lost by 2 runs or less and both games coming with at least 1 error. Errors, you know, those things that Theo and all those guys told everyone the team would be avoiding. Avoiding, you know, like David Ortiz's bat does to the ball when he steps up to the plate.

Like I said a few days ago, I miss the days when The Rays coming to town meant toughing through a few innings of Kaz or Shields then ripping their 'pen apart for a good victory, moral and statistical. Now we have to face these legit guys on a crappy weekend when everything else in Boston sports is going so right and baseball is going oh so wrong. It's 11 games in and there have been very few signs of actual life out of this team, unless you count an injury as a sign of life because that might be the only way you could tell if Mike Cameron had a pulse thus far.

Another cold, rainy one today. Some great baseball weather for sure. Another reason I'm glad I'm not rich so I don't have to bear the weight of having season tickets and tough it out at these games. Life is good.

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BBG said...

I hear ya...the days that when the Devil Rays came to town, we were guaranteed to increase our wins...but you know, I really see that other teams are getting way better, while the Red Sox are losing ground. How's that "run prevention" theory workin' for ya?? My spirit is broke....

Did you hear Pedroia, he said "...there are alot of teams out there that want to kick our ass..." He needs to fire that team up!!