Friday, April 16, 2010

Analogy: Water is to oil as Creed is to baseball

Creed recorded a song about the Florida Marlins.

Lets break this down....

Creed... - the worst band ever

...recorded a song... - for Creed, and their horrible lead singer Scott Stapp, that entails babbling words and yelling incoherently into a microphone while over-produced music blares in the background.

...about... - Creed doesn't really have subjects when they make music. Just gurgling stuff about Jesus and God.

...the... - the

Marlins. - Creed is from Florida. The Marlins are from Florida. Its a perfect match! Lets get them to sing a song! And they did, which sounds like all their other crappy songs, replacing the "Jesus" and "God" lyrics with "Florida Marlins".

Creed has infected baseball.

Lets only hope this gets Hanley crawling back to Boston.

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