Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You pick em up

And Wake will put em down. In an almost jinxing fashion, after telling Josh Beckett yesterday that he shouldn't waste all his awesome in spring training, Wake goes out and throws a few innings of shut out ball against the Marlins, successfully wasting some of his awesome in games that don't count. These guys gotta watch out or they're going to use up all their good mojo for the season. Please note my letter to John Lackey regarding his next outing:

Dear J-Lacks,

Please get shelled. It will help you later in the year. And I want to see you get wicked angry and yell at stuff and/or people/JD Drew.



PS. Sorry about the "sloth" thing we ran a few months ago. We didn't mean it.

PPS. We were thinking you sound more like a muppet anyway.

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