Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am sure I hate spring training

I am strange in some respects. Depending on who you talk to you will get a different answer on how strange and how many respects, but one thing that I'm weird about is I think there is a set number of times something is allowed to happen in a given amount of time. Call it chance, probability, law of averages, Murphy's Law, Law of Gravity, Newton's Law of Figgs, whatever it is, it's just what I think. Let me explain in example form:

Josh Beckett threw a few perfect innings the other day. My belief is that he only gets so many perfect innings every year. I'm not saying God (Allah, Jebus, whomever you desire) gives him "x" amount of innings or his body is capable of only so many innings, but it is fact that this year he will only have "x" innings of perfection and a few of those were wasted on a spring training game the other day.

I should be happy Big Josh is bringing his A-game in March, but I'm not. I think he's wasting perfectly good awesomeness too early in the season. Kind of following the same pattern of thinking, or not thinking, maybe he should get the crappy stuff out of the way now to make room for the good stuff for the season? Bad things work the same way as the good, he only has so many crappy innings in him too, so leave a few curves up in the zone in March. Hell, you might even trick a few guys into thinking you've lost a tick off the heater, but you're really just saving up your awesome-juice for when it counts.

I know. It makes no sense. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the way I think too. We can call it "The Law of Jon". It will be one of those laws that no one really follows, like J-walking or 2nd degree murder. Some how this way of thinking has got me 28 years deep into life. Who woulda thought?

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