Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You coulda been a contenda

I don't think anyone would ever remember Nomar as anything but a member of the Red Sox, but today he tried to make it official by signing a 1 day deal with the team then retiring. There was a time when Nomar spoiled the ever living f*ck out of us around here. I think they called it the late 90s. He would hit the baseball, plain and simple. He'd hit it a lot. We thought every prospect coming up would be another Nomar and this team of super Nomars would lead the Sox to the world series for decades to come and then Nomar would retire and become the new manager that would get in the cage and show guys how to hit the damn ball before the game. That never really came to fruition.

My favorite Nomie memory is being at work watching an afternoon game on a tiny black and white tv in the shipping room. It was his birthday game where he hit 3 HRs and the Sox destroyed the Devil Rays by like 38 runs, which was actual below average because the Devil Rays really sucked back then.

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