Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nomar's one day contract

By now you've heard about Nomar's one day contract so he can retire a Sox. The biggest question is, what is Nomar doing to honor that contract for the day? We took a stab at things Terry might ask Nomie to do while he's kicking around for the day:
  • Youk has some "thing" in his beard. Try and get it out.
  • Hale is bored, go shag some grounders.
  • Pedroia thinks eating raw chicken will make him grown 3 inches. Show him he's wrong. Or right. Whatever.
  • Beckett wants to punch something.
  • Lackey wants to punch something.
  • JD Drew wants to punch something but probably won't.
  • Remember Wakefield? He's still here. Thought I'd let you know. That's all.
Personally, I think it's a good idea to put the guy to work for a day. Make him earn his keep. Think there's any money involved in this deal?

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