Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dustin Pedroia: Gun slinger

The other day Dustin Pedroia answered some questions that honest, every day people like you and I would ask him. However they weren't exactly on the level of some of the questions Steve and I had in mind, like:

Dustin, if the baseball thing didn't work out we assume you would have been a jockey. Any idea what you would have named your horse?

Too bad the questions were about his favorite player growing up and other crap that doesn't really dive deeply into the psyche of the smallest MVP ever. If you noticed though, he does give away some incriminating evidence when he admits to "playing backgammon" on plane rides with some of the other guys on the team. Now I don't need to paint a Gilbert Arenas/Dustin Pedroia painting (that's my best shot up top there though if I did have to paint a picture) but I'm guessing if one of these guys don't pay up there could be some boyz in the hood action at 30,000 feet. Dustin, don't hurt 'em.

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