Monday, March 15, 2010

Dice K aching and it's rainy and cold in March

The sun may have come up and went down as well, although lately it's tough to tell seeing as we're now all living in some underwater world in which soon oxygen will no longer be necessary because we will all adapt and grow gills. That hasn't happened around your parts yet? Well, it's about it to if this rain doesn't give it a friggin break soon. And Dice K is hurt. I'd be less surprised if my gills started coming in this week.

Also, regarding the Sox schedule this year: I usually take solace in the first game of the year and calling in sick to work to stay home and watch the game while eating myself into a coma, but this year opening day is on Easter? What the f*ck is up with that? If I wanted to spend time with my family and watch the Red Sox, well then I would go visit them. Now ham and Easter eggs and people asking "Where's Manny?" is going to try to sneak its way into a day I've been waiting for since last September. Yes, September. Thanks a lot Zombie Jesus. Thanks a whooooole lot.

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Sports Chump said...

Moustache lovers,

Before we can commence with the baseball season, we must finish up some college hoops.

Just thought I'd invite my blogroll brethren to participate in the SportsChump madness bracket.

Show me what ya got.